A broken lighthouse is all Cara has when her Father goes missing at sea. A glowing Sun Dog holds promise for Cara, but only if she can get him to follow her.

Film Festivals

The Good Dog! International Film Festival - August 17-19, 2012

Sun Dog competed in the Best of International Short Films Competition and screened during the Closing Night.

Festival Director’s Note
“A wistful dream of an animation with lovely underlying themes and shows the director’s spirit” 


The Eugene International Film Festival - October 18-21, 2012

Winner of the concept art contest!


BUtiful Film Festival - November 24-25, 2012

Sun Dog won the OMG award!

The OMG Award - Emotional impact is crucial in any film, as there would otherwise not be a conflict and therefore reason for the film, unless you are satisfied with the aesthetical choices. We are not. For this award we are looking for the film can put the audience in the shoes of the characters and make us feel their dilemmas. This film should have us sit on the edge and make see down the floorless depth of the emotional canyon… OK, I got carried way there, but you get the gist.

 "'Sun Dog' by Tegan Thomas from Canada uses 2D hand drawn character animation in a painterly west coast environment with pop up book-like effects. Impressive,huh!"